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            Ammonium acetate

            Product Name Ammonium acetate
            CAS NO. 631-61-8
            Molecular formula CH3COONH4
            Description Ammonium acetate is supplied as fine white crystals.
            Grades Ammonium acetate is available in both technical or pharmaceutical grades.
            Grade Pharmaceutical Technical
            Appearance fine white crystals fine white crystals
            Assay%≥ 98.0 98.0
            pH of a 5% solution at 25℃ 6.7-7.3 6.7-7.3
            Insoluble Matter% ≤ 0.005 ?
            Residue after Ignition%≤ 0.01 50
            Chloride(CI)ppm ≤ 5 ?
            Sulfate(SO4)% ≤ 0.005 5
            Heavy Metal(as Pb)ppm≤ 10 10
            Iron(Fe)ppm≤ 10 ?
            Pharmaceutical grade conforms to: USP27
            Packing Ammonium acetate is supplied in woven lined paper bags or carton boxes.
            Storage and handling Ammonium acetate should be stored and handled in its original packaging or in a suitable sealed container and kept in a clean dry place. Under normal conditions of use ammonium acetate does not present any undue health hazard, Precautions should be taken to prevent entry into the eyes and prolonged or repeated skin contact with the solid or its solutions.
            Application Ammonium acetate is widely used in the dyeing and printing of textiles to promote good leveling of the dyestuff on the fabric. It is often used in dye baths in conjunction with acids and other sails. Ammonium acetate is also used in the manufacture of antibiotics and other pharmaceutical products, and in the surface treatment of metals. It can also be used in a number of organic reactions, as a (e.g. in the production of foam rubber),in the production of vinyl plastics, and in the manufacture of industrial detergents.
            Physical properties
            Molecular weight 77.08
            Flash point 136℃
            Solubility in water: at 4℃ 148g/100ml
            Melting point 116℃

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