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            Hongyang Chemical

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            Olidifying Agent for Water Glass

            Molecular formula (CH3CO)·O(CH2)2O·NO·(OCCH3)
            Boiling Range (101.3kPa)180~300℃, It has the common chemical characteristics of ester, freely hydrolyzed into alcohol and acetic acid at the existence of caustic soda and inorganic acid.
            Property Colorless or light yellow, transparent liquid, slightly soluble in water, freely soluble in alcohol, ether and other organic solvent.
            Quality Index
            Items Industrial Grades
            Ester Content% ≥ 98%
            Free Acid% ≤0.5
            Appearance Colorless or slight yellow
            Moisture Content % ≤0.2
            Uses and Characteristics It is YS-series and jointly developed with Shanghai Reagent General Company in 1994. Applicable to casting manufacturer with three varieties. It has good self-hardening property without toxicity and harm. It has been proved that this product has the advantages of good casting size accuracy, low residue of processing, good diffusibility, low gas-emitting volume, low manufacture consumption etc.
            Solidifying Mechanism The solidification of this product is realized through the mixing of organic ester and water glass. The sand-type, pressure-resistant strength of ester-solidified water glass is 1.5-3 Mpa.
            Product Types and
            Technical Indexes
            Type Solidifying Speed Applicable Temperature oC General Ratio
            MDT800 Very Slow 35 Raw Sand %;Water Glass 2.4-4.0%,Solidifying Agent 0.25-0.4%, Modulus of Water Glass 2.2-2.5
            MDT901 Moderate Speed 25
            MDT903 Quick 5
            The Regulation of
            Solidifying Speed
            Solidifying Speed Quickest Very Quick Quick A Little Quicker Than
            Moderate Speed
            Moderate Speed A Little Slower Than
            Moderate Speed
            Slow Very Slow
            Applicable Temperature oC 0 5 10 15 20 25 30 35
            800 - - - - - - 80% 40%
            901     30% 50% 80% 100% 80% 60%
            903 90% 100% 70% 50% 20% - - -
            K 10%              
            Transportation and Storage This product is easily hydrolyzed. It should be hermetically sealed and avoid water. Fire should be insulated from this product in transportation and storage. It should be stored at cool, dry places, avoiding heat, moisture, direct sunlight and rain.

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